How to make those icons "embedded" into my background? examples included!

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by jww13, May 9, 2002.

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    well, the icons u want that are on the first link which is my screenie u can find here and here .
    and regarding the last link, if u mean the big mother on the d-top that is just the wallpaper.
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    Thanks for those links, I got the icons I wanted except for the "My Computer" dented icon. I didn't see that on either web site. I downloaded all the dented icons from the 2nd web site but didn't see a "My Computer" dented icon. Did you get it somewhere else?

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    there is a dent icon for my computer
    go to, then click into
    their 'request' link, u will find more icons.
    thx for the dude who provide the links.
    eric from sjsu
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    Knife Face
    in costum icons
    in misc dent icons
    there are many good dent icon such as IE, My Computer,
    My Document, etc