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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by canadian_divx, May 25, 2003.

  1. canadian_divx

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    ok i need to know how to make a DVD, i got all the hardware and i can get the programs, but other than that i dont know how

    i have my video in a mpeg file but i can have it in mpeg, m2v mpa&mp2. now how can i make these into vob files and where do i put the vob files on the DVD????
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    Simple answer is DVD X-Copy for straight copys of dvd's or if you have mpeg files or similar use DVD Builder which is bundled with Easy CD / DVD Creator 6 and its just a simple drag and drop :)

    Hope thats of some help.
  3. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    ok cool i will check thoes programs out
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    good tip m8 use a dvd- rw disc to start so you dont have a pound each coasters

    but yeh if you wanna copy a dvd youll have to do a straight 1:1 copy sort of like clone cd as dvds have security crap on them... if you know what i mean
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    okie go to it tells how to rip any format, also to back up your dvd 99% of time it has the security **** on it. get dvd decrpter, put it in file mode and rip all the files to your hard drive, retail dvd come in 2 type dvd9 and dvd 5 although you should have that for you have a burner.. only kind public can burn are dvd5(unless dual sided disc).. if the dvd you wanna back up is dvd5 make 2 folders called
    1) "VIDEO_TS" where all the files go into
    2) "AUDIO_TS" 99% of time nothing in it, i backed up over 100dvd and have never had anything in it yet

    then just load nero and and go to burn data disc and add the 2 folders and burn and *poof* you are good to go .. if the movie is dvd9 then i would suggest instacopy or dvd9-5, or CCE to encode 1st and 2nd of those downsample really easy just kinda point and click where cce you have to do all the tech **** of reencoding whole movie but the qualityon cce is far greater than others

    *note if it is a dvd9 you can also del the extra's .vob files if you do no wish to have them and burn but remember when playing you do not have them
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    To copy DVDs as opposed to making your own, one of the very best is DVD Encrypter.
    This will bypass macrovision and create an ISO image file, or individual file copies .
    The ISO can be mounted as a Virtual Cd Drive by Daemon Tools Software. to be viewed by Power DVD etc.

    The Exe files on both will fit on a Floppy disc !
    Both programs are still freeware.
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    Check out
    It's got tutorials and tools for every kind of video authoring/conversion/editing. :)
  8. canadian_divx

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    cool thanks for all the info and prog's now to get busy with making it
  9. NetRyder

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    You're welcome :)
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    Y did u have the files in mpg in the first place. U shoulda just used DVDXCOPY to burn it the dvd. Are u trying to burn a divx aor mpg. file so u can play it on a dvd player?