how to gt rid of the safety remove icon in the sys tray

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Raymond, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. Raymond

    Raymond Guest

    :confused: anyone can help?? i am facing a problem here.. once i log in to windows there is always an icon loaded up, which says safety remove hardware.. its connected to my USB port but how can i emove this icon from my sys tray and stop it from loading up?? URGENT help!! ITS TAKING UP MY RESOURCES
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    You need to get XP compatible drivers for your device or unplug it. XP's whining about incompatible or unsigned driver. What device is it, maybe someone has a fix for it.
  3. Raymond

    Raymond Guest

    Its atucally my ADSL modem and i am not so sure if it is compatible anot but i need it for my internet access.. anyone have a fix for it.. its getting on my nerves
  4. noah472

    noah472 Guest

    I have the same with my mmc media writer, the company dont seem to recognise that XP is an o/s! :mad: muppets!
  5. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    isnt that that xp native program for switching removable drives (ie on notebooks)?? Im guessing if you are seeing that with a dsl modem or a cdrw then you need the newest driver for your product if one is available
  6. stef_nz

    stef_nz Guest

    LonMan has it right i'm afraid. it's definitely complaining about drivers uncle bill didn't write himself.

    i had the same problem with my new digi cam after i installed the fuji software from the cd. i actually uninstalled it all, did a system restore and used the xp native cam drivers. all of a sudden, no icon, just the funky little beep.

    i guess you'll have to hope against hope for now.
  7. lm_mario

    lm_mario Guest

    Dude.. I have the same problem

    Umm I have the same problem with my removable zip drive. It says that it doens't need the icon in the system tray but it won't disappear. Is there a registry trick to gettign rid of it?
  8. stef_nz

    stef_nz Guest

    lm_mario, did you install proprietary drivers that came with the zip disk?
    If so, I recommend uninstalling them and rebooting to rediscover the hardware device at which point you can tell xp to find the best driver and it may already have it or go looking on the internet for one. I'm not sure if you can just use the update driver wizard or not.
    Once you find a native xp driver or xp finds one for you, you should just get that cool beep and no icon.

    xp should have been able to mount the zip disk by itself anyway without external drivers but i guess only you will know the specific details here.
  9. Raymond

    Raymond Guest

    Hey guys.. i shit myself with everything.. i update the driver even try uninstalling it and reinstall it JUST WOULDN'T GO AWAY.. is there a registry fix or anything to fix it.. looks like this is a major problem and so many of u all have this icon too.. so maybe we should complain to microsoft.. haha.. is windows XP more for laptop? i think it might be the computer detect i am using a laptop but the hell is i am using a DESKTOP!!! argh!!! anymore help?
  10. noah472

    noah472 Guest

    Sorry mate but I have to disagree majorly with you on this point, it IS NOT a Microsoft problem, this is a problem with YOUR hardware supplier (the ADSL modem company.) As to using up resources, i think i would be correct in saying that it basically isnt using any resources that you would actually be able to see..... basically, if you have a problem with the drivers for YOUR modem winge to your hardware company!!!! :mad:

  11. lm_mario

    lm_mario Guest

    Iomega Drive: Does the Same thingy


    I have installed their drivers and still the "safley remove icon"
    appears. I have also let microsoft windows xp do its defualt drivers and still it shows up. Is there anyway possible to disable this icon?
  12. lm_mario

    lm_mario Guest


    Ohh I forgort to mention that i am not write caching with the zip disk so their is no need for the safley remove icon.
  13. Yea, It's me

    Yea, It's me Guest

    USB/Hardware Problems

    I had the same problem with the USB connected for my Sharp All-in-One. Sharp has not updated the driver for Win XP. I used the Win XP compatibility wizard (start > programs > accessories > program compatibility wizard). This solved my problem and now the All-in-One works just fine.
  14. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    just goto customize your taskbar and set it to always hide, thats what I do, then you never really have to worry about it :) and it beats all these other solutions 500 fold
  15. Javakhanzz

    Javakhanzz Guest


    IF you thinking about the "safley remove hardware" icon then what are you worrying about? Its there to help you "safely remove your hardware" IE if its a USB modem like i have then if you wnat to remove it the click on the icon and stop the device and you then can remove the modem without affecting your system!!
  16. lm_mario

    lm_mario Guest

    yes i am

    yes i am thinking about the "safley remove hardware" icon.
    AND no I DON'T need it. It says you only need it if you are disk cachign with the zip disk. Other wise it says you can remove the device at anytime without using the icon... so I owuld like t remove the icon. But no one knows how. I got the latest drivers from iomega and it still shwos up soo ti snot a driver error.
  17. patrick

    patrick OSNN Addict

    I have exactly the same situation here, lm_mario.
    Windows insists on putting my cable modem in the damn "safely remove hardware" icon on the system tray. I find it very annoying but it's not so bad if you hide it (Right click taskbar, properties, taskbar tab, customise - for those new to windows).
    I am absolutely sure that there is no conflict or problem with the drivers as windows automatically detected my modem, provided correct details about the device and automatically installed the drivers. I've had no problems with it.
    Now that it's there, I see no way of getting rid of the icon. Perhaps some of you registry whiz's can work out a tweak for it.

    Something interesting though: I have two computers on which I recently installed Windows XP Pro (onto both). Before installing Windows XP I did not have a network, so I would simply plug my cable modem into the computer I was using.
    I installed Win XP on one while the cable modem was CONNECTED. I am stuck with this situation of the "safely remove hardware..."
    But on the other, I installed WinXP WITHOUT the cable modem connected. After the installation I plugged in the cable modem and it set it up automatically as its supposed to, BUT that damn icon in the system has never appeared.

    So in my case, if you install windows without the device connected you won't get the icon.

    Hope this helps,
  18. lm_mario

    lm_mario Guest

    thank you

    ok thanks