[How To] Fix Unresponsive hp Keyboard

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Perris Calderon, Mar 11, 2012.

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    This thread is not so much for members here but for those people doing an internet search trying to find a solution to what seems like a very common problem for hp and a few other laptops, every once in a while the keyboard stops working, usually a reboot fixes the problem but obviously that's not too convenient

    some have tried new drivers, old drivers, motherboard, bios, not too much success

    I came up with this, tried it on my laptop and two co-workers with the same issue and it worked for us as a band aid to get the keyboard working again without a reboot, I think this will do the trick for everyone, if you are having this problem and my solution does not work go right ahead and report that on this thread

    your mouse should still be working, if it is go to start, controll panel, ease of access, then turn on and off the onscreen keyboard

    that should get your actual keyboard working again, if it does not then just use the onscreen keyboard till you'er done with your work and reboot

    if this does work for you then go ahead and make an "onboard keyboard shortcut" so you don't have to go into the control panel for your solution

    here's the target for the shortcut


    just right click on your desktop and create a shortcut with that as the target.

    I hope this helps till the issue is sovled