How to delete a partition

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mazspeed@redshi, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. How do you do this on XP PRO?

    Thanks in advance
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    Easiest way is to boot to a Win 98 boot disk, type fdisk, and go from there. If it's an NTFS partition you need to "Delete non-DOS partition".

    You can also use Partition Magic to manage your partitions.
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    if you can afford it ;)

    partition magic 8 will take the hard work out of it

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    Start->All Programs->Administrative Tools->Computer Management->Disk Management
  5. Darn.. a little too late.. I reformated the entire thing.. Thanks though everyone.

  6. or Start->My Computer(right click)->Manage will give all tools, then pick disk management.......from here you can add/remove/formay/change/defrag/etc all other disk tools for verything but primary/boot parition/sectors - the OS is much happier if its done this way also

    is the only way!!!!!! all the old win98 boot disk and fdisk things are not needed in Xp/2k/nt like you did in 9x OS's - try reading alittle jeez

    from here
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    First, we've already answered the question (including your "suggestion"). Second, he said he already formatted. Third, no need to be so nasty - especially when you go around answering posts that have already been answered.
  8. well i thought these are open forums or are you big brother? i have given alot of info here and can add to whatever might be already said whenever i want, not everyone knows everything and someone else besides the original poster might be reading this thread looking for for similar type of information. your answer/response/suggestion is not the best way to do it in and NT based OS. a win 98 boot disk is a handy tool to have around as a last resort but is not designed to be used in an NT/ntfs environment and should be saved for when all else fails.

    and until a thread is closed, answered or not, i can post whatever i feel like, even if I'm just wasting my time doing it, i wasn't being nasty, until now - what is this a game, first come answers gets a prize? and all others are losers? i feel I'm free to add whatever i want, in fact when i see a thread with multiple same answers then you know its probably the right/best answer as you have a few people agreeing.... you've only been here a month longer than me, i don't care if your a mod or not, it makes you no better than me........

    i have better things i can do but i have the time and a good amount of knowledge that someone might benefit from it, i don't need to be here and god forbid someone might disagree with your opinion
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    Everyone has a right to answer a post regardless if it's been answered already. Perhaps the originally poster didn't quite understand the wording the 1st time, you guys do get pretty technical sometimes, beginners might not understand if the answer is too technical. I'm not saying this is the case in this thread.

    Spikemic: allan isn't a mod at NTFS, he mods another forum but his knowledge is welcome here as is everyones.
  10. All you guys are great and have a ton of knowledge that even I don't have. I appreciate any and all suggestions to the questions I have or will have in the future.. Thank you all

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    I agree with Jewelzz, But the nastiness has GOT TO GO.

    Now you DO hear me spikemic...

    And allan... be NICE. :happy:
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    Play well together... or I will have to to take yer toys away and ya won't get any cookies n' milk... ;)