how to create a proxy server?

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    I have a PC at home wich has an ADSL dial-up connection to the internet, and you know everytime I connect I get a new IP address.

    At my father's work he as also an ADSL connection wich is connected to a HUB (and many other computers in the office are also connected to this HUB) then the HUB is connected to a router wich is connected to the phone line.

    Now this is what I want to do:
    I want when I connect to the internet here at home, all my connections to the internet (HTTP, FTP, etc...) to pass through my father's connection. (I'm not english so I don't know how to explain exactly what I want so I'll give you some rough exampls wich I think you understand what I want).
    Supose a web page located at wich will only print on the screen my IP address. What I want is that page to print my father's work IP address instead of mine.
    Another rough example:
    I have a program wich lists all the IP's i'm connected to (either via HTTP, FTP, P2P programs, etc...) and what I want is to only list my father's work IP address wich means I'm connected to that computer only, all connections go through that computer and that computer is the one who's connecting to the other IP's when I access a web page or an ftp or sending a file to somenoe via p2p program or something else.

    I think this can be accomplished by installing a proxy server on my father's computer but I just don't know wich one to use how to setup the server and how to setup my computer to access that proxy server and I would like some help. Also, if there's another way to do this I would be very much appreciated.

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    First off, why? It's just so messy and probably very slow. Forget games. If it's the dynamic IP you're worried about, try

    But yes, this sounds like it's a proxy you want. If you install it on your fathers computer you must make sure that the router passes the requests on to it and don't drop them. This means you must have admin access to the router.

    But like I said it's a messy way of doing things and therefore a bad idea IMHO. :)
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    You can only do this via proxy. Do a search on Google.