How to clear typed search strings!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rperre, Mar 27, 2002.

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    Hi, I'm new here but surfed around on this site for some months already, just never needed any help! but now I do!

    When you go to a search engine you can type in what you want to search for. On my computer somehow it saves all these strings and the next time I click in the search engine's string box I see all my previous search string appear.

    Now I don't have to tell everybody here that I think that's a serious impact on my privacy because there are other people working on this same computer!

    Does anybody know how to clear this; Clearing the temporary internet files, history and cookies doesn't help. Looked in the registry but can't find any of the strings.

    I'm confused, please somebody help me. (I might just be looking in the wrong direction, if so just point me in the right one)

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    I'm at work on IE4 so I can't tell you the exact setting, but look upder Internet Explorer >> Tools >> Internet Options >> Advanced tab. There should be a setting under/about forms. Basically look for the settings that are about "autocomplete" or "forms." One of these settings is enabled and it allows that browser to cache form input. Lame!
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    Thanks raven, I thought that was only for the typed URL's in the address bar. But it cleared all search strings also.

    Pretty stupid, but well learning, learning, learning every day!

    Still would like to know where windows stores those string's though, because if you clear your history it does clear the typed URL's but it doesn't clear the typed strings in search engine's!!
  4. Raven76

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    it's probably stored in some encrypted (I hope!) file in the users directory. Probably similiar to the file that stores cached passwords to websites. Maybe it's the same file. I know the password cache file is encrypted, but I don't remember it's name or location.
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    It may be a tedious solution, but you can highlight the search string, and then just press Delete and it will get rid of them one at a time.
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    Thanks, I didn't know that either!

    Thanks Dan88, I didn't know that one either, should be the first thing to try though, as you can see it might be the easiest solution that helps out, I was just looking in the wrong direction I guess!

    But still learning every day!
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    actually all you have to do is hold your mouse over them and press the delete button