How to clear the recently viewed files in WMP8

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by syphon00, Jan 28, 2002.

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    anyone knows?
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    Try to download the Bonus Pack for WMP8 from microdud.
    There is a little tool called MPXTRAY, with this you have a tray icon for wmp8 and you can turn of the MRU (most recently used).

    You can also hide the player from your desktop and it won't dissappear in your taskbar.

    I know it all sounds a bit lame but I'm using it and it's pretty handy. =))
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    Go to and download ListZap. This neat little app lets you clear a variety of mru lists in all windows versions.
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    Ya know I thought that...and just didn't want to say it lol...if all else fails just open a buncha "good" files :)
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    Funny how every topic ends with this kind of info. :D
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    How do you delete the history in Internet Explorer?

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    this is the only way I know of, go into your registry and go to


    You will see the list, highlight them and hit delete. I would back it up first, you know the drill. If everything is cool then delete back up.

    One more thing make sure WMP8 isnt running or you have to do it again.
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    I just downloaded the WMP 7.1 power toys and installed only the MRU cleaner in Windows XP. So far, it's working like a charm.