how to change the start button from green to somethin else

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by jonocainuk, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. jonocainuk

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    i remember a long time ago on the old site (, there was a tutorial on how to hack the start button text. there was also a download link for some different coloured start buttons (to replace the green button). However, it didnt say how to use the coloured images that i downloaded from the same page. i saved the page as an .mht file for future reference (comes in useful having a cd full of reference websites - heh).

    anyway, to the point... how do i actually change the green button to an orange one for example? im assuming you cant do it in resource hacker as i've rooted through explorer.exe over and over to see, but to no avail :/
  2. avsdotcom

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    You could get Stylebuilder XP from the TGTsoft website.
    Only a time limited demo- but it should be long enough for you to change that start button to whatever you want :D
  3. I'd also like to do this but there is never a simple way, I don't want to install any other software to do it. So if anyone has another method, avoiding other software let us know.

    (btw avsdotcom is that 'Big Sams Super White Army' comment taking a pop at american culture or something?, or it is not as meaningfull as that?)
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    Nah m8, you're loofing far too deep there.
    'Big Sam' refers to 'Big Sam Allardyce' who is the current manager of my local football team Bolton Wanderers .They play in white, hence 'super white army' :D
  5. BonyTony

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    Just what your looking for

    All the info you need is here

    the color of the Start button will always stay green. There is no way to change this, except with some 3rd party tools

    Have fun....if possible post pics your start buttons after altering them
  6. jonocainuk

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    ahh well... wishful thinking ay?

    i was kinda hoping it could be done without any TP programs - with it being on the "hack the start button" page... it kinda misled me into believing it could be done. oh well, no diffy... ill stick wiv a diff theme - i jus thought silver theme with orange button would be l33t :p

    thx for responses :)
  7. Fungiver

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    I have just spent a half hour researching this as I too am curious. Apparently the only way it can be done is with an Hex Editor. I don't think XP comes with one so ther isn't any way to do it without TP Apps.