How to change name in start menu?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bbulzibar, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. bbulzibar

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    i looked everywhere, i dont know if its just me not knowing, but how do i change the name on the top of the start menu to something else? i'm running xp professional and am logging onto a domain. Also, can i get a picture to appear there? (i think home edition has that or something)

    but please help! let me change it!
  2. Khayman

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    This may be different on a domain but the name on the startmenu is just the name you logged in with, it probably can't be changed without changing you login name.
    Pictures can be assigned by selecting users from control panel, then selecting the user, then in there is an option to assign a picture
  3. bbulzibar

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    hrm.. yea.. i think its different

    yea, i log onto a domain with the username byang. However, the name on the start bar is Bruce Yang. also, there is no picture or even a option to put a picture in. i dont know if its b/c i'm logging into a domain or b/c i use professional. I know i have to use the classic way of logging in ctl+alt+del and cant use the welcome window. if there's anyway to change the name, help me somone!
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    When loging on to a domain your login name is usualy passed to a server to valadate the pasword and asign you network privlages,

    This will most likly be a NT server of some kind,
    in nt server -> user acounts you login name will be there, also there will be feilds for "first name" and "Sirname" in which it will have you name "Bruce" "Yang"

    Windows xp grabs these names and places them at the top of the start menu, there is no setting to change this other than changing the names on the server you windows xp machine is using to valadate you password.

    Hope it helps