How to change MP3 "details" column for good?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by starman, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. starman

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    This must be a common frustration for those who download MP3's. The "view details" columns have dumb information for MP3's, like "type" (it's MP3, not WMA, microsoft!), date, etc.

    SO I change the column to good stuff like "bitrate", "Album name", etc.

    But I have to do this for EVERY folder with MP3's! Isn't there a way to globally have ALL folders with music to carry the same "detail view" information???

    I've research this for a year on msoft and other websites. No joy.

  2. Polaris

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    sadly no. unless you want all your folders to look the same
    their might be a thirdparty software to do this
    I share your pain. I have 400 albums to change..
  3. yoyo

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    If you rightclick one of your MP3 folders - properties - customize - foldertype have you one of the three music options (music ,interpret, album) checked. This should change some of the details shown. You can also apply this pattern to all subfolders there.
  4. starman

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    Your suggestion unfortunately screwed all my folders up. I had painstakingly modified about 300 subfolders to include album name, deleted filetype, etc. from the columns. Your idea reverted EVERYTHING back to crappy windows standard "filetype, size" columns.

    WinXP is truly STUPID about imposing its ideas about what it wants you to see.

    Does ANYBODY know of a fix for this?
  5. zalood

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    1. Arrange the column details as you wish
    2. From Menu Click TOOLS >> Folders Options >> View tab
    3. In Advance Setting box >> tick Remember each folder's view setting
    4. Click Apply to All Folders

    You will see all the folders in columns as you arranged the next time you open WinExplorer . .

    All other folders other than My Music folder will also be viewed in details view . . if you might wish to view them in Thumbnails or other View you will need to set them individually.