HOW TO BURN .BIN & .CUE files?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tokey22, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. tokey22

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    was just wondering how to extract .bin and .cue files?

    i dont have a blank cd so i want to extract to my HDD.. what program do u i use?

    Any help is appreciated!

  2. the_BOSSHOG

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    If you don't want to burn onto a CD, then get a hold of WINISO

    It will extract any or all the files to your hard drive
  3. LPDad

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    It depends on what type of bin files you are trying to open.

    If you are trying to open a .bin file that is an image of a SVCD then just opening it might not do you much good-- especially if the movie is in a variable bitrate mode. you would then need to use a virtual disk program such as Daemon tools to mount the bin/cue, then you can view the movie with a software DVD player such as WinDVD or PowerDVD.

    However, to answer your question, I use WinISO. It is easy and works like a charm.
    There is a free program called ISOBuster (I saw it in the downloads section at

    Hope this helps:D
  4. tokey22

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    never said it was a movie.

    its just a cd image.
  5. Qumahlin

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    You can't extract a bin or cue, per se...the Bin is the CD image and the cue is the track sheet. just burn it in nero.

    so what warez ya get ;)
  6. tokey22

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    nero will only write .iso
  7. LPDad

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    Yeah, you are correct, you did not say it was a movie file...

    But just in case it was :D I was just trying to be helpful.

    Well, just use winIso or isobuster. you can ignore the cue file, the actual information is in the .bin file.

    As was said, the cue file is just information for your burn pgm.
    (Which you said you do not have:D )
  8. LPDad

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    The Version of NERO that I have...

    ..that would be will burn a cue/bin easily.

    Just close the wizard, then choose file/burn Image and point to the cue file.
    The cue file should have all the information needed to point NERO to the bin file.
    IF it does not work, you need to open the .cue file with notepad and change the path to the .bin file so that it is correct. Generally if the .cue and .bin are in the same folder you should not have trouble, unless the path in the .cue is incorrect. Simple enough to correct, though.
  9. the_BOSSHOG

    the_BOSSHOG Guest

    Yea, the new Nero finally supports cue/bin files.

    Another point:-

    Isn't there a proggie that "tricks" the O/S into thinking an image on the hard disk is a CD drive ?
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  11. Static 99

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    Hum, don't think it's the right one, or is it?
  12. the_BOSSHOG

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    That's the program i was thinking of.

    I've never tried it though, so i might give it a go later.

  13. Helmer

    Helmer Questions R me

    Well I've tried to burn the bin files with Fireburner and CDRWin(by selecting the cue file), it dosen't work :(
  14. Protac

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    I use ISObuster.
    Works like a dream everytime, never had a problem with it.
  15. LPDad

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    The prog that I am familiar with ..

    is Daemon Tools (Google will give you the download page).
    Use it to mount your bin and it makes your puter think that there is a new disc drive (It basically does the same thing as virtualCD)

    CDRWin is Supposed to be the Program of choice for bin/cues.
    Make sure the link in the cue is correct, otherwise the cue will not point the burner prog to the correct bin and you only end up with a coaster.
  16. Fhuising

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  17. MiseryQ

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    My favorite program for burning ISOs and BINs is BlindWrite...

    Using CDRwin to make ISOs, Blindread to make BINs and BlindWrite to burn both is a perfect system...

    CDRwin and Fireburner gives me nothing but troble in XP with my 24X VeloCD... Strage because in WIn2k the both work...
  18. slb33

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    IsoBuster and Winimage work well.
    Also I have never had any troubles with FireBurner, maybe you have some of your setting's wrong?