How to assign specific User profiles with gpedit ?

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by BoaVista, Feb 2, 2002.

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    Hi there,

    anyone there who can tell me how I can assign a specific User Profile edited with GPedit.msc to a specific user ??

    I only knew that in Windows NT by using poledit.exe ... there I could create for each user a specific profile.

    Using gpedit the role also affects me as an Admin.
    Any conclusion on that ?

    Thx BoaVista
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    I figuered out which of those Topics in the gpedit.msc belongs to which functions.

    The Computer specific roles affect all people using the computer.
    The User specific roles affect all user using this computer.

    I think the slight difference between those two Roles are concerning from where you are logging in. Logging in on the computer your are affected by the computer roles ... logging in by remote access you are affectetd by the user specific role.

    But ...
    how can I assign a role to specific user on the computer ?? I want to create a User with almost no rights ... he should only be allowed to start and use the internet explorer .... on the other hand the should exist an admin on the computer who can do all he wants ... ?? ....

    any conclusion ? (otherwise I install NT there its no prob with poledit..... but there should be any possibility in XP .... but how ???

    plz help
    thx BoaVista