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    Want to add RAM to a system that has 2 GB (2 X 1 GB - 4 slots - 2 open). Since RAM is treated a weird way by OS (Window XP), wouldn't it be better to add 2 X 512 MB DIMMS for a total of 3 GB than adding 2 more 1 GB DIMMS since Windows won't see/use all 4 GB's?
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    XP will see about 2.8GB worth. XP 64b edition will see all 4GB. Vista will improve on this.
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    May not be "better", I would more look at cost difference. I wrote a good post not too long ago about XP Memory Management, could be worth a look...

    Also, if you want to have 4GB and have it be utilized more efficiently, you could upgrade to Windows XP 64-bit :)
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    I'll check out your post in a few minutes.

    As to upgrading, I don't plan on doing that until Vista.

    EDIT: Thanks! That's a very good explanation. ( )

    Thanks. That told me all I need to know for now.

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    my XP only sees 2.8GB
    I have 4GB of matched ram
    was an upgrade from 2.5GB
    even after EVERYONE here said 4gb was a 'waste of money"
    I can give you 100% assurance, it has greatly improved by computing experience
    I often have a heavy load game running
    and now easily alt-tab out and run word, excel, photoshop
    a few small utils, radmin for game server

    all without hesitation
    CPU = 3.2 P4
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    Interesting. I'm running BF2 which is an ugly memory hog and I alt tab in and out to turn off firewalls or start ventrillo and have no problem with 1 gig of RAM. It takes about 5 seconds to change focus. Running at 1.5 gig never made much difference for me.