How hot should it be???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Huang618, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. Huang618

    Huang618 Guest

    how hot should an AMD Atholon 1.4gig cpu be, at idle and at full load?

  2. boxman

    boxman Guest

    Well, what are you running at now?

    My 1.33 Gig w/ a Volcano 5 runs at about 40 idle and 45-48 load.
  3. K-OS

    K-OS Guest

    Ya my 1.4ghz AMD runs @ 53c Idle and bout 58 Full load. Same setup as boxman with a Volcano 5. Anythin under like 70 I would say yer safe. Anything over that and U may look for alternate cooling methods.
  4. boxman

    boxman Guest

    Think my next move is going to be to a Cu core cooler.

    My T-Bird came unlocked :D .
  5. geedUP

    geedUP Guest

    yea i got same as k-os (got the 1.4ghz with 256 ddr it 0wnz)
    never goes over 58.5 THATZ ABSOLOUTE MAX
    got my fan spinning at 6800rpm +/- 10% with huge heatsink
    amds are hot, but work better than intel :)
    i read an article about upcomming amds and they are goin to be cooler, and work better :)
    amd rulez!!!
  6. GeeZuZz

    GeeZuZz Guest

    I just have a question:

    when i got my 1,4 ghz cpu, it was set to 1000 mhz in bios.
    is it something wrong or do i have to clock it to 1,4 myself?
  7. MdSalih

    MdSalih The Boss

    Birmingham, UK
    mine has about 5 added fans :) normally stays @ 32 degrees... but when i'm fealing could sometimes disconnect them :0 Coputer and heater in one :)

    Started noticing it going up to 50-60 these days :(

    Probably gonna go and get my self a new P4 3 gig in January... late christmas present 4 myself :)

  8. image2

    image2 Guest


    Biostar K7MVIB (VIA KT266)
    512 MB DDR
    AthlonXP 1600 (1.4 GHz)
    Dragon Orb 3 (4250-7000 RPM)

    The rest should not matter much for heat. Although I am using a custom wood case. My idle temp at 7000 RPM is about 51C and at load 58C. These are higher than most I have seen. As long as you are well under 85C (90C is melting for AMD.... i think) you should not have any problems.
  9. AndyP

    AndyP OSNN Senior Addict

    I'm kinda sick of all ppl claiming that the processor is too hot when it reach over 60 degrees (not pointing to any of you:) ), cause if you have read AMD's techincal specs (you can d.load it at AMD's site) you would know that they reccomend to not getting hotter than 92 degrees (it'll run about 10 years with that temp.), and if it is over, there's a mathematical formula u can use to see how many years it will last.
    At max temp. my 1400 is about 53, using a chassis-cooler, and a Zalman CNPS 3100 Plus, check here: which is silent and cools very well!
  10. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    GeeZuZz. Not sure what motherboard/bios setup you have. I've got the KT7-Raid and whenever i flash my bios i have to go in and reset my processor speed. It defaults back to a 500. I'm guessing your's is similar and that yeah, go in a fix it.
  11. Shuflie

    Shuflie Guest

    GeeZuZz, your Athlon most likely has a 133MHz fsb speed. My motherboard wont set the fsb to 133 automatically, needs to be set it manually.
  12. Huang618

    Huang618 Guest

    GeeZuZZ, that's the default setting of your board, it's the "clear CMOS" setting i think, i had to adjust a few things in the bios when i first got my MB too.
  13. mavis

    mavis Guest

    andyp - good call!

    I had been curious about that, my AthlonXP1800+ is ~40 idle ~48 load, and according to the forums that's way too hot... lol :) but according to AMD, it's well within acceptable limits.

    So here's a question: while 50(load) may be "acceptable," how much of a performance difference is there between that and, maybe 35(load)?

  14. MeanGene

    MeanGene Guest

    CPU's at idle in XP

    I the past I always used programs like Rain, CPU idle to HALT the CPU during idle times. Is this still necessary with the AMD T-bird and XP OS? If so what programs are available?

    Running at 1 GHz, 44c with Zen (Pain to Install) CPU Radiator.
  15. Professoras

    Professoras Guest

    Now that all the AMD people are here, I shall say my temps!
    I'm using an Intel Pentium-III 1GHz @ 1.1GHz (1.7V @ 1.85V), 38C idle and arround 53C with SETI, Norton AntiVirus........ It goes 24 / 7 and never crash, apart from some reboots I do, due to new installed software.

    The most importnat of all is that in my box there is only one cooler and that is the Intel CPU cooler! No "huge" PSU, no noise!

    MB : Abit VP6
    CPU: Intel Pentium-III 1GHz
    RAM: 512MB
    OS: Windows XP Pro
  16. MeanGene

    MeanGene Guest

    Yeah, and us "AMD People" have three other systems with Intel chips in them. Another 1GHz pIII, a 300a Celeron OC'd to 450 and a Dell laptop at 300.
  17. Santamanne

    Santamanne Guest

    TB 1Ghz@1.4Ghz with air (fop32)
    Idle 50, stress 60, Stable

  18. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    T-bird 900. Idles around 45, stresses up to 53 or so, but it's a dry heat.
  19. MeanGene

    MeanGene Guest

    My T-bird 1G runs at about 42c it may get up to 45c when worked. Running Motherboard Mointor 5.1, Abit KT7 RAID, Zen PC cooler.