How do you turn off vitrual memory?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Spanko, May 17, 2002.

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    I want to know how to turn off vitrual memory and the page file altogether. I know a lot about computers and I'm pretty sure 1GB of Ram is good enough, when I got to the virtual memory settings I select no paging file, and reboot, winows still has and uses virtual memory. Using Norton Utitlities System Information it says I have a lot more then my physical ram under Total Windows Memory, so How can I turn it off?
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    Right click My Computer->properties->advanced->performance->"settings" button->advanced->virtual memory->change
  3. Qumahlin

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    make sure you hit the set button after you set it to no page file, then delete the pagefile.sys file from your root drive.

    And remember some programs such as Adobe Photoshop require Virtual memory and won't run without it :)