how do you save movie trailers with quicktime?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jkoXP, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. jkoXP

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    i have the latest version, and when i goto a movies website to view the trailer, i would like to save it.... its not saved in my temp internet files... is there another way to save them so i dont need to access their website to view the trailer everytime?
  2. Khayman

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    you need to register (buy it), in order to save them
  3. jkoXP

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    ok cool, ill have to do that... cus id like to collect them and other movie/trailers.. didnt realize that was an option ;)
  4. jawshoouh

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    there's some option in the QuickTime control panel that toggles saving the movie in cache or not (kiosk mode?)...can't remember the exact thing, don't have QT installed on this work PC, but it's not ON by default, so you'll wanna change that.
  5. DrMetallica

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    yeah, there's a chache option, but it's up to you to find the directory
  6. Jebay

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    Or you could just go here ( ) and right click and hit 'save target as'. It works for me. :)
  7. NetRyder

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    You need to have Quicktime Pro (not free) to save them unless they are links in a format that can be downloaded like a normal file (eg: .mov)
  8. NeoShaggy

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    In win98 you just have to search in the windows directory for *.mov files, but in winXP I can't find the files, but I know they're saved cause when I open the movie page again it doesn't need to download it again.

    Edit: I found it, after the browser finish downloading the movie, go to Control Panel, Internet Options, in the Temporary Internet files tab select configuration, you can go to the temporary files from there and copy them anywhere you want.

    I have win XP in spanish so maybe I traduced options names wrong to english. :p