How Do You Make Report Cards?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by AaronMcarthur, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. My mom's friend's son went off to another state and was supposedly going to college, rented an apartment and told his parents that he was going to college. Well it turned out that he wasn't even going to college, he made a fake report and gave that to his parents making them think, he was doing very well. Are there any programs that make report cards or do any of you know how to?

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    Very nice....:p
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    Very slick of him. very slick. :D
  4. mbunny

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    Get the logo of the required school,

    paste in at the top centre of a word document, use tables, use word =P

    I faked 3 of my HS reports =P
  5. toxicity

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    or just scan an older one u have then cut out stuff u dont want then put ur own marks
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    High quality scan and thin paper usually does it, some photoshop editing, presto! Done.
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    great idea
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    now what exactly would be the point in making your parents believe you were in college?? money?? respect??? or just really pissing them off when they find out you were lying?

    must like that "oh **** i'm a dumbass" feeling cause i know thats how i'd feel if that was me doing that.
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    just wonderring what movie ur watching.:cool:
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    I completely agree, its gonna cath up to you somewhere. College is not a joke and if you think it is, it will play a joke on you. Don't waste the investment that it is. I've spent years paying for mistakes that I made, literally. You are only cheating yourself.
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    yeh your parents would be pissed:D

    but thats america, i heard you just piss about and shoot everyone when you get poor grades.

    and... and... ive been watching too many teen flicks
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    @xp abuser lmao :D