How Do you make a VCD??

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  1. I have Made VCDs before using nero.
    Today i put the movie "Bad Company" on CDs and it worked, But only on the computer, not on the DVD player in the lounge. I am using Nero Express and this is the first VCD i have tryed to make on it (all the others have been with the original Nero). So i was wondering if it is only this nero express that doesn't allow me to play it the DVD or is the file itself?

    The problem is that when i put it in the DVD player it reads a First track which goes for about 20 secs and then comes to a second track which goes for...sometime...and both these tracks don't go in real time (I.E, doesn't run for the 20 seconds that is displayed, goes for about 10 seconds in real time).

    So if you could help on this matter it would be greatly appreciated :D
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  3. lol........joel, hey man u just need a decent computer or somethang ariight. HEy guess what, i was under citzens arest yesterday, i had to go to the cop station.....anyways man. Your problem is just that your copter trys to go into sleep mode while making the vcd, hense wrecking the data flow and proessing for the vcd. Well mate ill check ya lat0rz
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    One word.


    Search for it and download it.

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    is this getting the film off the net then burning it so you can watch on the DVD player.

    Thats illegal and is against the forum guidelines.
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    assumeing its all ligeit - Some DVD players don't play VCDs or CDRs
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    Listen you guys want help on converting stuff fine, but don't be discussing the "movie", that is against the forum guildlines, thanks.