How do You know?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tomsxp1, Jan 17, 2002.

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    Hello, Everyone, I want to inprove my surfing by getting rid of un-needed running programs at Startup(especially in the Processes running in Taskmanager! My question is How do i know which ones to uncheck and which ones not too? I know there is a spot on the pc thats you can go to and it tells you what they are but even when they say what they are,i have not idea as to whether i can uncheck them! Is there a web site that can tell you exactly what you can do without and what you cannot do without? please let me know any idea's, TOM
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    You can safely remove all of them ...... except rundll32

    The only one i have is Norton Antivirus 2002 at startup = navapw32

    All the rest are removed
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    You can check out this program here:
    Startup Control Panel
    Better thn MSconfig.
    Also if you visit the Black Viper site take his warnings VERY SERIOUSLY-if you don't know what it is or if you need it, leave it alone or switch it to manual. I followed along with his suggestions, no ill effects per se, but really didn't notice any memory/speed gains. Of course I am running with 512 meg RAM and am not gaming, or doing anything intensive. I think the program above will do what you want just fine
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    How do you know?

    Max, Thank You for the web site, i will look into it. but even with a web site like this don't you have to know what programs you need and which you don't? I was into my pc before and found out what these programs are but i forget how to get to it, it was a Tweak tip! Even then it told me what the program was but i still had no idea as to needing it or not? Do you know how to reach the What are these programs in your PC? Maybe if i could find them again it might help.