How Do I Set Up Xp-pro To Be A Workstation?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Black_Pride, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. Black_Pride

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    Hi Everyone....

    I know a little something about networking as far a peer to peer goes...but I want to get into Server-Workstation networking.
    Does anyone know how I can set up 3 computers, all running XP Pro to be a server-workstation network...assuming they all have the same hardware and software.

    I got a few basic questions too.....

    1. Do I need special software or a different OS to limit what goes on in the workstation computers?

    2. Anyone know any links to some good info?

    3. How do I specify who is server and who is workstation, creating permissions on the workstation PC's and all that kinda stuff?

    Thanks for your guys are a great resource!!
    :D :D :D
  2. bryan_b

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    setting the firewall

    if you are using a firewall like Zone Alarm Pro or the one by Norton, you need to set it to allow the sharing of files and/or printers. (i.e. in Zone Alarm: set Trusted Zone Security to medium)

    I had trouble sharing just a few days ago because I installed Zone Alarm and had the setting on high (simple as that). Don't be too discouraged if it takes an hour or more to get it working. that's how it was for me ; )
  3. Black_Pride

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    Thanks for the replies but I want to also limit what the other computers can and cant do like limiting access to the internet if I want to or limit acess to certain files or folders depending on the user that is logged in. I need to creat specific groups or permissions for those groups to do certain things. Can someone tell me how to do that or point me to a link that will gove me more info.

    I do not want a peer to peer network as you guys decribed above....i want to learn how to build a server/workstation network.

    thanks again....
  4. Black_Pride

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    that makes sense,
    but how can i create permissions on each individual machine like "no right click" or limiting program use, etc.....? Like they have at colleges and corporations?
  5. borked

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    Catch23... is there a GUI program for win XP policy editing like PolEd for 9x?
  6. Zedric

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    I think you need a Domain Server or something for that. XP Pro can't do that as I remember. You'll have to run NT Server or 2k Server. I suppose you want centralized user accounts too (not local on each machine)? I guess it depends on what "serving" you want the server to do: file server, app server, web server, internet access server, print server and so on. Some things can be done in XP Pro straight off and some not.