How do I set up "default user" or "Automatic login" in XP (like in Win95/98/2000

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by eka, Feb 7, 2002.

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    Hi again,

    Another question...

    How do I boot my PC to a default user like in Windows 2000? I don't want to type my password every time. I have even created a user with no password so I just press enter to log in... but it's annoying me a lot now especially since a few of us share the same user and whenever I reboot we need to login.. it's tedious. I am not interested in user profiles... is it possible to log in like Windows 95,98 or 2000 without entering a password - just by booting up and loading Windows automatically?
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    If you pop along to Micro$oft and download their Powertoys for XP, one of the utilities is TweakUI (for XP) from where you can reconfigure your autologon bits.
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    If you want to do it youself, type "control userpasswords2" in run(no quotes), click OK...the dialougue box that pops up is self explanetory
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    Thanks guys :)