How do I resize weapon models for Counter Strike?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by SaintKaden, Aug 25, 2002.

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    Ok it may be an odd question but I got a few guns that I really like in Counter Strike and they look great onscreen but when I drop then they seem a little extravagant, hell one of my rifles is bigger then me when I get killed...

    So my question is how could I resize these models?

    Now just to let you know, I am aware of the fact that there are p_, v_, and w_models for all the weapons and im familiar with what each of them do, so i know that editing the w_ is what I need to do.

    I skin them all the time but I dont know how to edit their polys...

    I've been told to use Milkshape and I tried but I guess I haven't enough knowledge of 3dsoftware yet.

    if not specifically can someone just give me a few links to some tuts online or something..

    Thanx! ;)
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    the model that u have of the guns look different to u but the people that u are playing with see the orginal models. when u die and the gun appears big, that just a setting that the prorammer put in the model file. the same thing happens to me. but the large gun that appears to u, the people still c the original gun. You cant really change the model but u can make your own or download another one.
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    Yea CsNation is a good site and the models are easy to install.
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