How Do I Put My IE Favourites Into Alphabetical order?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by C:Wow!, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. C:Wow!

    C:Wow! Guest

    All my Favourites (IE bookmarks) are disorganised. That is, they are not in alphabetical order. How can I put them into alphabetical order again. Including the bookmarks inside folders too please.
  2. = Indy =

    = Indy = Guest

    Right click on one of your favourites and select sort by name.

    Do the same for sub folders :D
  3. C:Wow!

    C:Wow! Guest

    Sounds easy. If I right click in the Favourtes list I get the shell menu and no "Sort by name" choice is there. What is the full path to these folders? Where are they?

    News Extra: Yes, you're right, it can be done, but by accessing Favoiurites from the top toolbar. The "Sort By Name" choice does not appear if you access Favourites from the shortcut beneath (with the yellow star icon).

    Done it now, thanks for your help. ;)