How do I overclock a Athalon 700 CPU

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by glorydays, Mar 23, 2002.

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    Can someone tell me step by step how I can overclock my Athalon 700 CPU I have no Idea where to even start do do someting like this You can eamil me at
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    First thing first... Athlon is a rather broad term... There's Athlon "Classics",,, which are SlotAs... There's Athlons with the Thunderbird core which are SocketAs... Then There's Athlon XPs with the Palamino core... The Thorobred core is going to be released soon... You got Athlon...

    The first step is to figure which Athlon you have... If it's 700mhz you can only have a Classic or T-Bird... It's easy to tell the difference between these two... Does the CPU fit "flat" with the motherboard or is it in a slot like a pci card...

    If its a slot you can remove the plastic shell and plug in a "Goldfinger" device to change the multiplier... If it's a T-Bird then you need a board that allows mutilpier changes and you need to connect the "L1" bridges with a lead pencil...

    Do a search at tomshardware for unlock athlon or overclock athlon...
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    Just a note of caution, overclocking with the pencil method is very risky as you can easily fry your chip !!!!

    You could try putting PC133 memory in and then increasing the fronside bus, should you manage to get it to 133 this would give you a clock speed of 7x133 = 931

    This is unlikey to run very well ( if at all ) so start with the smallest possible increase, run the machine for a while, see if its stable. If it is then go for the next increase, run it, etc etc

    You will probably have to increase your'e cooling as well, so a mother of Processor fans would be a good idea.
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    athlon 700?

    the athlon 700 is more than likely the old ones with the 512kb external cash, there fore i dont think you can change the fsb,above might only do 100 but im not sure.