How do i make my own login screen?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by I wanna search!, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. I have searched the web quit alot, i have searched this forum and other forums for this answer, but no luck..

    The link to the article at xp- is dead, so i can't read it..

    I have made a winxp login screen for my own personal use (The image file). Yet i do not know how to code it.

    I want to put a box in a weird spot, and no text for the log in..

    I have tried XpLogMod and Chameleon, but no use..

    I really want to get this down, but not sure how, all help would be nice :)
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    Welcome to the forums I wanna search! :)
    Don't know whether this will be any help.
  3. Thanks, i'll take a look at it...

    I have searched all over and asked in a few different places... I went over to my neighbors house an hour ago (he works at microsoft) and was going to ask him, but he wasn't home and won't be home till midnight

    EDIT: With this will i be able not just to change the colors, but have it look basicly exactly like that image?

    With just a password box and just press enter to enter windows, nothing else?

    And can i make it just one user?
  4. Ok, i under stand all that, now how would i go about making it so nothing shows, but the image i showed, the password box and the password go button?

    I only want one user, the admin account..

    So if i want it to look like this in the red box, what would i do?
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    Hi I wanna search!;)

    There is a Guy whos a Member here but hasn't posted in awhile who is sh*t hot at making boot and login screens, if you do a search for BMWCHUBB and pm or e-mail him I'm sure he would help you out.;)

    Hope this helps you