How do i lower ping rate in xp

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  1. i put this here too just to see if someone in the gaming section will know, this is also posted in the internet/network forum.

    Well i was wondering everytime im in a game my ping get high, and i was wondering how do i lower my ping, is there a tweak or something, i already put my speed to 11500. The game im talkin about is Counter-Strike - Tribes 2 - RTCW - if anyone wanted to know, Plz let me know if you know, cuz i want to lower my ping by not spending that much.

    eg. cable / dsl - future........
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    Reply again

    I may not be the first to say but its not good practice to post the same question in different rooms but for anyone who wants this help and has not read it in another room here is a link for tweaking modems in win xp

    Just what your looking for, i hope it helps improve things
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    ok, this may be a stoopid question, BUT, what benefit is it to lower the ping rate?
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    The ping is the latency between you and the server so if your ping is lower then the reaction time between you and the server will be much quicker.
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    If you have HIGH pings....

    With a high ping, you will find it hard to enjoy the game. You walk around feeling as though someone has tied some bricks to your feet, gameplay will not be smooth,you'll find yourself stuck and unable to move, or you might walk forward but a few seconds later you're back to where you were before this really spoiles the online gaming experience.

    Also in the reply to the above post i went to have a look at the tips at the site link but i had to look alot harder when i got there for the correct page so to save you all the trouble here it is,aid,78060,00.asp.
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    Whats going on with this stupid link !

    Stupid link copys ok in reply but when posted it screws it up link is....Correct link here for some reason did not copy correctly.,aid,78060,00.asp,
    or type the missing parts in article/0,aid,78060,00.asp
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