How do I find out what is hogging up my hard drive?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pheenix11, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. pheenix11

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    How can I find out what is hogging up the space on my hard drive?

    How much space does Windows XP take up?

    I have about 3 GB's in Music & Videos but not that many programs.

    Yet my system says I only have 2.2 GB of space available?

  2. mathew

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    since upgrading ME to XP

    i have 5 gigs missing on my drive,, unless you have a clean install of xp you'll find your OLD os still on the drive, that is taking the space up, you could probably delete it, but i dont know for sure what that will do.

    c ya
  3. SirLasher

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    I have partition magic and on my system it says theres 7.9gigs in a hidden partition. Im wondering if this is where XP puts the system restore?
    any ideas??
  4. mathew

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    7 gigs??????

    system restore only supports 2.4 gigs, so maybe there is your old os in there,, or maybe its locked.

    if you have a ntfs hard disk config then that may be to blame,, if you are using the fat32 config then its a problem.

    ntfs loses a lot of hard drive space.
  5. Lonman

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    Get Partition magic to recover that space... it's not being used. Did you restore from an old image file or something? That could be how you lost the space... not certain tho. You shouldn't have a hidden partition... hidden files and folders yeah, but not partitions.
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