How do I connect to my ISP in the User select screen

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ambates, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. ambates

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    I have ADSL and want my connection to start as soon as my XP starts, so that I have a perminant connection? Any body help?
  2. Mister Zee

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    That's really easy, I did it with my sympatico connection. First you have to make it dial automatically. To do that, go in the Connection properties, and in the Options tab, uncheck everything but the last one (redial if line is dropped), then click OK (make sure the password is remembered and entered properly though).

    Then, drag this icon with your right-mouse button to the Startup folder in Start > All Programs, and drop it. Click Create Shortcut when the context menu appears.

    Log off, and log back with your username. Watch it dial on its own as soon as windows starts loading =P
  3. Lukas

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    hey Zee,

    ambates means that his connection is allready up when selecting the user, eg on the logon screen.

    I know there was a way to make the connection run a system connection, eg initialized before logon; will look it up
  4. Mister Zee

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    Let me know if you find something Lukas
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    Creating a file to automate the connection - (suggested by Kris Bird)

    Create a file called connect.cmd

    Edit the file in Notepad, and enter the following text (customised for your own connection, of course!)

    rasdial btopenworld username@hg? password

    Drop the cmd file into the WINNT directory - though any other directory would do just as well
    Scheduling the file to run at PC startup
    Start/settings/control panel/add scheduled tasks
    Double-click on "Add Scheduled Tasks"
    Click on "Next"
    Click on "Browse", and select the connect.cmd file in the WINNT dorectory
    For "Perform this Task", select "When my computer starts"
    Assuming that as you are setting this up, you have the right to run the program, leave the default user name in place, and enter and confirm your password
    Click on "Next"
    Click on "open the advanced properties for this task"
    Click on "Finish"
    Select the "Settings" tab
    Reduce the "Stop the task if it runs for" setting from the default 72 hours 0 Mins. to 0 Hours 5 mins
    Click on "Apply"
    Click on "OK"

    I have tried this and it works fine on XP PRO