How can i make my computer better?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by drag_on, Jul 24, 2002.

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    What are some ways i can make my computer run better.
  2. Wel there are many ways. First of all upgrade your specs, as u lead me to belive that u r still running a intel 90mhz. Also type in msconfig in the run command box and disable unwanted items in the selective startup tab
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    drag_on or should I say PiCTuREm3RolLin, whichever you prefer, you plan on answering yourself in every thread you start?

    Same IP address

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    Sometimes I am the only one that answers me too!;)

    Maybe he is having a Sprung moment :rolleyes:
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    not the same person

    Myself, being Drag_on, and PictuerM3Rollin are different people, we are on a school network using the same dsl connection.
    Please understand, we arnt that lame!!
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    then why you just ask eachother
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    Stoney Creek, ON, Canada
    do people think that having a thousand posts is cool?
    if ur answering ur own questions.. get another hobbie
    and a life
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    ok, i'll sort this out once and for all..
    There arnt 1000 posts, there are 4.
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    Do not flame other people in the forums please: Iceman
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    This thread is going no where fast, it is closed. Iceman