Homeland Security

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gonaads, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. gonaads

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    This is why the Ideology behind the War in Iraq SUCKS! :mad:


    My ancestors have been fighting terrorists for centuries...
    As you can see, it didn't help us. :mad:
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    gonaads, I hate much of what happened in America as it was starting out. The Native Americans (not Indians like so many people think) were taken advantage of and murdered and raped of their land... ok, I'm not going to get on a rant here. But anyway, the way this country got started kills me, but we can't liken what happened centuries ago to what is happening now. I'm not saying that you're doing that, but I have heard a couple of remarks on the radio and such with similar references concerning the Native Americans and whatnot. We can't hold the government we have now accountable for the treatment of people so long ago. Most of us aren't savages anymore. I'm sure that what you are saying is meant to be somewhat humorous, but in its own way it is very true... just don't get carried away with it. :)
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    Oh yeah, it is ment to be humorous, but with that, "think about it" feel. :blink: :cool:
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    hehehehe, thats evil.
    :D :p :cool:
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    Between Austin and Tampa
    /me pokes benny in da eye..


    /me decides to get creative and borrows a native american's bow and arrow and little axe... scalp benny and shoot an arrow into the other eye

    muahahahahahahhaha... SUFFER VERMIN...

    /me walks off quietly into the sunset whistling incoherent choons...
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    Now that my type of movie. :p