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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by seeme, May 5, 2003.

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    Just did a forum search, and the last time this question was asked was last year.

    --I have about AUS$750 (US375) of someone elses money to spend on setting up a home wireless network solution.

    i have 2 laptops, 3 pcs and a server machine that we will hook up to our ADSL connection.

    As the technology is changing so quickly, i'm finding it a difficult subject to research the quality of the hardware.

    My question is:::

    What hardware should i purchase to run this WiFi networking solution?? Should i go for the b+ specification, or wait until the g is stadardized??


  2. Zedric

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    There is also 802.11a to confuse you more. I guess go for what you can afford.
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    Well it depends on speed and money
    while 802.11a(54mbps) b (11mbps) g (54mbps)
    For discussion on A vs B see this link

    For discussion of G see this link although this article is a bit old hmm looking for something more recent...
    Not much about the finilized A vs G but Cisco and D-link are to have all in one compatable access points for A, B, and G standards. These are due sometime soon. Also, they've enhanced B to get a max of 22mbps.
    (My Usual Recommendation)
    Don't get a wireless for home lan unless it's for the laptops only, a 100mbps home network w/switch is far cheaper, faster, and more secure.
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    I've only had hands on with netgear, since they are Nortell's sub company they're very nice, but 3Com also has a good name in the communications area. I cannot tell you the diffrence in their output but I'd recommend getting the A or G's they're faster and G is backward compatable. BTW: D-Link is a good brand too with nice warrantys.
  4. seeme

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    thanks for those links.

    my question was also relating more to the difference between the SAME standards within the products..

    a bit like the graphics card situation, where you can have the same chip in different cards from different companies, and get different performance results.

    for example, would a netgear b+ outperform a 3com solution??

    is there anyone with some hands on experience with WiFi that would be willing to go out on a limb and give me their informed opinion please??

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    Well I saw at test on WiFi stuff a while ago comparing different brands, but it won't do you any good since A: it's in Swedish and B: I don't have the URL.

    But there are probably some tests out there. Try Tom's.
  6. seeme

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    unfortunately, Tom hasnt included a product comparison on his web page yet :( otherwise i would have had a good source of comparison!! :)

    im still interested in anyones opinion please!