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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by loppdawg69, Apr 10, 2002.

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    Ok heres a question...is pro's requirements higher the home edition. I am upgrading a laptop of a friends i think its a 400 or so..they currently have a messed version of home but also own pro..which should i go to, i prefer pro but dont know if the system reqs are higher or not.
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    From my understanding there are not any different system requirements between home and pro. Here is a link with the basic differences but I am sure you already know this. Click Here!. One thing! I have XP pro running on a 400 with 64 megs or memory and it was a pig until I added another 128, so you might take that into consideration!
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    The difference in versions are as follows

    Home Edition can't logon a domain (well it's not susposed to, with Powertoys you can).

    Some networking tools can't remember which aren't included.

    There should not be a difference in performance between the two editions.
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    mrw...this is supposed to be a myth...and every expert that I know says there's nothing in power toys to accomplish this, so, we all have power toys....if you know how to do it, please post it...thanx
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    Pro is also said to have better security...not really sure what it is though...