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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dz2k, Jun 7, 2007.

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    hi all. i setup my win xp home desktop(1) to share a printer for my home n/w.(wep enabled) i also have another win xp pro desktop(2) and a win vista laptop(3). i AM able to print to that printer ONLY when the desktop(1) is on. is that how its supposed to be?
    Ex Im on laptop in my living room and my main desktop is off in computer room. i try to print a document on laptop and it just stays queued. if i turn on desktop(1) and try to print on laptop...it prints out right away. The question is how to print from desktop(2) or laptop(3) at all times??
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    Whatever computer that your printer is physically connected to MUST be on...if it's not, it cannot communicate with the printer!
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    In order to print with the computer off you need something called a print server. Here's a few examples from DLink


    It allows the printer to connect directly to the network but you have to remember that if it has a scanner then the scanner part wont work. If its just a printer then this method will work fine.

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    thx! ill pick up a linksys print server!!!