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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wessleym, Feb 2, 2005.

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    I have a WEP-encrypted wireless connection for my mom's laptop, but I was wondering if there are any programs out there that could easily crack into the network? I've heard WEP is weak, and I wanted to mess around with that stuff if somebody would send me a link to the best program. Again, I don't want to know how to I can further secure my network. I'm interested to learn about this stuff, and I just want to get a program that will let me crack in. Thanks.
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    Well, I don't know about any utility as such and its against forum guidelines to point you in the direction of a problem that can be used to crack networks. What I can say however its known you you can pick up people's bandwith if its unsecured - however, people are generally more aware nowerdays than they used to be about bandwidth stealing and many feeds are encrypted which will stop you for accessing and stealing the bandwidth.
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    just make sure its either 128bit or 164bit (or is it 168bit) encrypted with a random set of numbers and letters, both upper and lower case, in fact when a wireless network is encrypted its more secure than an RJ45 based network.
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    WEP it's self is not weak AFAIK. The weakness comes from people never changing it, there are programs out there that will capture packets from a wireless network and can decrypt the WEP Key, but if the key is encrypted I would imagine it would take a while (although I have no figures). Of course your average person might change the WEP Key once a week or once a month or never, this gives a die hard cracker enough time to decrypt your key. If your using WEP for a Home network it should be fine, a couple other things to do would be to disable the SSID Broadcast, change the SSID from the default and enable a MAC filter. My theory is that people are lazy, if you have all that done then it would take a pretty dedicated person to get through, or they could just go down the street to the guy with no security, which would you do?
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    Securing: http://www.practicallynetworked.com/support/wireless_secure.htm

    WEP isn't terribly weak. You need to be pretty dedicated to going in. There are tools to test your security by attempting to compromise it.

    This article should satisfy some curiosities:

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    if you want to tighten it use MAC - if you want to hack then read the forum guidelines? :p
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    wep can usually be hacked within an hour on any 2ghz+ machine, using a modified private build of "aireplay"
    it uses packet injection to flood the ûûûû out of the network to generate more weak packets, with about 300,000 weak packets WEP can be cracked no probs:)
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    yeah wep can be cracked, head on over to thebroken.org download their videos, (VERY INTERESTING GUYS BTW ESPECIALLY RAMZI LOL) and watch, they teach you so u know how to protect your network, im not posting this to teach bad habits, but its educational, and ramzi is one Funny mofo! Hello again all my hacakr beaotches
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    ifconfig en1 ether <new mac addy>

    access to a new network. Finding the MAC addy is very easy as well, just flood the airwaves with them, and the router will only reply to ones sent from a proper MAC address it knows, PLUS it kicks everyone connected off if it is fast enough with flooding it, as it then replies that "IT" is the current owner of the mac address, with a certain IP.

    Watched a friend do this at a big LAN. All the people started hitting their laptops cause they were knocked offline.
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    They have not updated their site in ages.
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    On manywireless systems, by its nature, WEP encryption slows down net access .
    I use MAC filtering option and enter the individual PC ids from IPconfig /all info.
    Should be secure and does not slow down system in the same way as encryption does.
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    Makes me want a lappie to play.