Discussion in 'Green Room' started by UberBert, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. UberBert

    UberBert Guest

    so any of you guys play hockey here?? i do, and i love it, well i obviously do im Canadian :D

    Best sport ver made in my opinion! what you guys think

  2. rick_422

    rick_422 Guest

    if your talking about field hockey....certainly one of the best ever!
    (along side aussie rules footy that is!)

    but if your talking ice hockey...meh...havnt had much experience except on the computer and it was alright!
  3. Kr0m

    Kr0m Moderator

    Turtle Island
    Hehe, not much ice in Oz eh Rick?
  4. UberBert

    UberBert Guest

    lol, no im talking Ice Hockey, greatest sport ever made!!!!!! :D

  5. rick_422

    rick_422 Guest

    not much at all mate!

    not sure if its the greatest ever...
    but if you like it, and think that...good on ya