Hmm Router Sorted Now Need N/W Help

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SkazzyUK, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. SkazzyUK

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    Ok, I got all the documents for my router, its now all configured properly and dials out fine,

    Heres my setup:

    Got 2 PC's Plugged into a 8 Port Hub then a ISDN router plugged into the isdn and the hub,

    Now the router is set to dial on demand,

    I have given it the ip, (not for wan tho only lan)

    All my other pc's have that set as the gateway and have been set to unspecified ip so that they get assigned one by the router.

    Ok, so I click to go on the net, what happens err nothing, so I ping the router and it replys with nothing but dials up isdn and connects to the net,

    So i try the internet again whilst it is connected, no internet, so i try pinging it again still no reply,

    What is my problem? (don't say ure pants at pc's)

    Any suggestions please?

  2. Rootz

    Rootz Guest

    If you're using only two computers just set up manually tcp/ip on both of them with compliant settings.
    There should be something wrong with subnet and address assignment.
  3. MiseryQv2.1

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    You have a 8port hub plugged into an ISDN router?!?
    How many ports are on the ISDN router?!? Can that be used by itself?!? That might isolate the problem?!?

    Try setting the network manualy like Rootz suggested...
  4. jak deth

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    my 1st thought was you are attempting to use DHCP w/ the 2 puters and you should have given them specific IP addys, and You also have to use the subnet Below that on the 2 puters use as the default gateway on them. The router should have a set IP addy,, same subnet. Now when the router and computer/computers are fired up they will look to the router which has the ISDN attached. The puters will see it as the gateway. This will give you a NAT which is as good as any firewall and it should allow the puters to go right through to the net.