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    Ok guys, I normally hate to look things up online, for fear of finding out something ahead of me before I even get there.

    So, I want to ask for some half-Life2 Help...

    I am in anti-citizenone portion of the game...
    I have gone through all the buildings, made it to the command post killed all the guards, and now its time for me to go back into the courtyard, and destroy the generator...

    Problem is: I cant find my way out :dead: I believe I need to go the same way I got in, through the hole that I dropped down through and make a makeshift ramp to jump out of the hole. I just cant seem to get the stuff to sit level enough to get out... am I missing something?

    PLEASE HELP... I will be checking my post ALL DAY....
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    you dont go back through that hole if i rem right. Some new way opesn up i think.
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    If so, I dont know where, I looked and looked and looked... the end of the hallway by the command center is blocked. I tried using the gravity gun to move a few objects to no avail... Im getting real frustradted on this one...


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    What you described sounds familar, I'm not quite sure exactly where you are, as there are many street fights. I think the link below can help you out, as it explains the game's walk through split up into chapters. I think chapter XI is what your looking for.....have fun!:eek:

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    Thanks for the HELP THat is exactly where I am, I apparently did it very different than the developers expected.... I might get lucky we will see...

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