Hive File Woes!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bullelk, Jul 1, 2002.

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    Hello All!!

    I have been a Forum voyuer for some time and just recently registered.

    Big problem. I have three computers running Windows XP home, all legal software and separate licences.

    My main box is used by me, my wife and our son. My wife tends to mess things up! I was on a business trip and came home to a the computer locking up on me when I tried to do a system restore I was greeted with a BLUE SCREEN.

    It reads: "STOP: c000218{Registry File Failure} THe regisrty cannot load the hive(file): \SystemRoot\System32\config\SOFTWARE or its log or alternative

    It is corrupt, absent, or not writable."

    Is there anyway to repair this with the Windos XP CD or copy the file from one of the other computers? Or am I HOSED?

    PLEASE HELP THE NEWBIE!!!:confused:
  2. Sazar

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    try the repair... you may have a virus so run a virus scan if you can...

    also the repair should restore any lost/corrupted files..

    or maybe its the bees that ran outta the hive :) them dang things... its summertime and they are all over the place...
  3. bullelk

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    Thanks, but I really need a bit more detail.

    I booted up to the Windows XP CD to repair the damaged registry file but I am not sure how to do this, can you give me the steps involved. There isn't alot of detail for MS on how to actually handle these repairs.

    I can scan for a virus after I get into XP but right now all I get is the BLUE SCREEN mentioned on the last post.

    Please help the NEWBIE!!!
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    you can be repare this problem

    boot you computer on your cd rom xp
    choice install
    choice repare

    your computer has clear under this feature.
  5. pacou

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    have you disconnect your reseau ?

  6. bullelk

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    Now I am totally confused!!

    I went home at lunch and rebooted to the Windows XP Home CD, chose R for repair, it asked me to select which windows installion to repair but it only gave me one option 1: D/WINDOWS

    I chose 1 and hit enter when it asked for admin password as there is none.

    It then displays a command prompt D:/WINDOWS

    So how exactly do i repair the corrupt/missing file???????

    I tried FIXBOOT and FIXMBR and I still get the BLUE SCREEN error.

  7. pacou

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    you have no problem

    if xp repair,
    the all files are érase and replace, have you one oem XP ?
  8. bullelk

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    You say I have no problem, my computer will NOT BOOT UP, that is a problem.

    I have a full licensed Windows XP Home not OEM. I have the disk and installed the OS when I built the machine.

    EXACTLY how do you repair the corrupt file in the repair screen?

    I need some details.

    Anyone who will help will be my BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!
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    ok ... when he said do a repair installation he meant do not choose repair from that option, continue into setup and it should detect that you have an xp installation already and should give you the option to do a repair reinstallation - this should keep most of your settings and no files should be lost... tho all windows updates will need to be redownloaded.
  10. pacou

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    look in your setup computer if the boot are on the dvd or the cd rom

    look in the setup computer the order of boot

    if the boot are not on the cd rom or the dvd the disk no
    boot the computer
  11. Restoring Hives under XP

    Hi All,

    You may want to take a look at KB Article Q307545 at .. gives you full steps in recovering the registry.

    Hope this helps.
  12. bullelk

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    Thank you guys!!!

    I didn't know that you could continue into set-up and choose a repair installation.

    I will give this a shot tonight and let you know how it works out.

    Your willingness to help out a NEWBIE is wonderful, this is a very helpful forum.
  13. pacou

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    you have on solution

  14. Custer

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  15. bullelk

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    Custer is the MAN?


    I assumed you are a man, if so your are THE man!!

    Great call, The Windows support link did the trick.

    I used this one:

    How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry that Prevents Windows XP from Starting (Q307545)

    Followed all three steps and keyed in everything as described on the page, it is also critical to print this out and to print out :

    How to Gain Access to the System Volume Information Folder (Q309531)

    So you can complete part 2 of 3.

    I was able to boot up and restore my computer to an earlier state and did not loose any applications, settings or data!!!!

    Thanks for all the help, hope I can repay the favor some day.

  16. Custer

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    Just be sure and use System Restore on a regular basis bullelk... 'cause if your situation is anything like mine, you'll need it again probably pretty soon!

    I've got another system almost identical to my crazy one ( the case is different <g>) and it's always been stable... never had a problem. My crazy system tends to do it every week or 10 days! Ain't technology wonderful? :)
  17. bullelk

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    System Restore


    You are absolutley correct. I am running a system that is 99% indentical to the one that just died and I can't break it no matter what I do and this primary system messes up repeatably.

    I just created a restore point last night as every is running smoothly and will do so at least one a week.

    Technology is a challange and if we didn't enjoy this we would all be watching television.

  18. 1timemember

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    why waste money when you can just use 1 CD to install all three computers?

    Anyway I think that you wife open up a virus or a .bat files which deleted the \SystemRoot\System32\config\SOFTWARE. The best thing to do is format your computer. Since you have 3 different computer, why not back up all the files you want on a seperate computer and upload it back later on.
  19. bullelk

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    You are behind the game. Check the earlier post suggestion by Custer. He pointed me to the Windows Support KB articel that repaired the broken resgistry and restored the computer without formatting!!! I scanned for viruses and there are none.

    You can't load Windows XP on more that one computer and activate it unless you have separate licences!!!!!!!! Sure you can screw around and do this illegally and if you are willing to do this.... go ahead .... but Billy will catch you sooner or later.
  20. Custer

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    I think I got this technology stuff down... compute, watch tube, listen to stereo at same time... yeah, this technology stuff is wonderful!