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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by madmax1345, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. madmax1345

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    The other day my wife decided to install Grokster and now Internet Explorer is hijacked. By this I mean any time I start IE in the address bar it says enter Keyword or web address. If I enter anything but www.***.com I am taken to an ingsearch page. I am also unable to use the Ctrl+Enter short cut. I have uninstalled Grokster and run SpyBot. SpyBot found a few things so I deleted them and IE worked as it should. I rebooted and IE was hijacked again, so I ran SpyBot again and it found the same thing: IGetNet (4 instances). Again removed and again a vicious circle. Please help, hw do I remove this problem?

    Also the problem does not happen with OPERA or MOZILLA.

    running XP pro sp1
  2. Nick M

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    * evil laughter * That's why my PC requires a password on boot, which none of my family members will either figure out/hack.

    Try Adware 6...maybe that will help. Clear your cookies, cache, temp files, everything.
  3. Try running "msconfig" in the run dialog box and click on the "Startup" tab. Maybe there is a program running from there.
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    Tried msconfig with no luck. Will try adaware today. I will advise on the results.
  5. madmax1345

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    And Praise bet unto Ad-aware. This great program has freed me from my hijackers. Thanks for the program idea.
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    Looks like somesome in the registry to do with IE has been changed. Maybe. Try doing a system restore to before grokster.
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    Muwhah! Ad-ware owns j00r Spywarez :p :p :p

    Glad I could help.