Hide or delete "Start" button from taskbar

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tbird, May 5, 2002.

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    start button

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    i dont like it
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    only way I know of is to right click on the start button
    hit properties
    hit taskbar tab
    check "Auto-hide the taskbar"
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    hah tbird. good reason.

    It must be possible, there are style programs out there that allow you to do so, including object desktop.

    But, I think those programs hide the taskbar/disable it, and then use alternate menus to display things.

    Who knows, I would look into it, but it does not interest me. Head over to www.stardock.com and check out their forum. Other than that, sorry.
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    author: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    ok here goes
    open your resourceshacker.exe
    open msstyle files located in c:\windows\resources\themes\luna\luna.msstyle
    In resourceshacker.exe go to Bitmap > BLUE_STARTBUTTON_BMP > 1003. Then right click on 1033 and select delete..

    If want to remove the little start menu ICON on the left corner then edit explorer.exe located in c:\windows\explorer.exe
    In resourceshacker.exe go to Bitmap > 143 > 1033
    select 1033 and delete it

    Don't click save.. click "save as" because the file is being used. So just save as and load it with styleXP or Display Control.

    This is the easiest way i know of hacking window without going though dos mode. You can change the font by editing the msstyles.

    here's an example