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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JOB, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. JOB

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    I've set Explorer to show all hidden files/folders, but when I've emtied the catalog:

    C:\Documents and Settings"my name"\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

    it still says I have 451 Mb there when I select "properties" for this catalog.

    Where are these magic bytes?
  2. JOB

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    Got it!
    For some reason, XP doesn't allow you to see the Content.IE folder belonging to the current user logged on.
    So I just logged myself out, logged on as a different user, and then went into the folder, and deleted all the files.
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    has someone been looking at naughty sites again;) :D
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    You wanna pop along to: http://www.evidence-eliminator.com/ and download a wonderful little utility called Evidence Eliminator, this little tool will erase all your hidden tracks. All the files in the internet temporary folders, the pagefile.sys (which also carries information about your surfing) and a whole pile of other stuff, though please note...READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, this tool is deadly !!!

    ta ta