Hidden accounts? (BAD microsoft!)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rigsta, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Rigsta

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    OK, someone posted this:

    Did you know that the home version of XP has 2 hidden accounts for the Microsoft helpdesk? That's right. When you connect onto the net, they can access your account. You won't find it on your computer unless you have USRMGR, which I do have. I'm not sure if it's on the Professional version, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were. Delete the accounts you say. Well you can't. First off, you can't see them. Second off, they are built into the OS. Who know's what other loopholes they built into XP?

    On another forum I frequent. He seems fairly knowledgeable and I certainly wouldn't put it past MS to do somethng like this - getting past the user logon on '98 was as difficult as clicking cancel, after all.

    QUESTION: how do I disable access from these supposed accounts? (and any other backdoors not covered by windows update?)
  2. KDawg

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    Well from what I can see I only have one HelpAssistant account in XP Pro. And you can delete it. It is only kind of hidden as you cannot see it when you make or create an account the easy way.

    If you did not know you can see all accounts on your box by using the mmc.

    If you do not know how to use or create a account snapin I will explain.

    XP Pro has this not sure about XP home.

    Click on RUN
    Type in MMC press enter
    Go to FILE menu and click, Click on add/remove snapin
    make sure your in the standalone tab.
    look down and then press on the add button.
    scroll down until you see local users and groups.
    click ADD
    A screen will pop up, just click finish.
    Click close on the Add Standalone snapin window.
    Click OK.

    You have just created a snap-in for your users and groups.

    in the console root area click the plus sign and you should see users and groups. if you click on users you will see all accounts on the computer..

    or you can click on local users and groups and in the right pane double click users to see all users on comp.

    With this snapin you can do all sorts of interesting things to user accounts. the mmc console is a great tool for some administration purposes.
  3. Rigsta

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    naturally, it insists that I can't use it, and tells me to use the nice, pretty "User accounts" from control panel. :rolleyes:
  4. KDawg

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    I have found another way.

    Get the My Computer Icon on your screen..
    If its not there already then

    right click on desktop
    click on properties
    click the desktop tab
    look down , and press the customize destop button
    click the box next to My Computer
    click OK
    click Apply

    Now right click on the My Computer Icon
    Click on Manage
    and you should see local users and groups.....
  5. madmatt

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    New York
    Simply run cmd
    Type net users

    To delete, type: net users <USERNAME> /delete

  6. Rigsta

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    heh... actually I just downloaded srvtools lol. The accounts are there, sure enough. I just killed the support accounts and groups. Just gonna see if they're mysteriously back after I reboot now (place your bets, ladies and gentlemen...)

    Oh, the link for srvtools if anyone's interested:


    EDIT: Matt - thanks for the shorthand way but you have to know what the user account is before you can delete it like that. The whole problem was that the user accounts are invisible to the tools shipped with XP home.

    UPDATE: Good lord. They didn't come back. I am genuinely amazed. Maybe they come back when you go for windows update or something...
  7. madmatt

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    New York
    To display accounts on your PC: net user
    To delete: net user <USERNAME> /delete

    Why do you need to "know what the user account is before you can delete it like that"?

    If Windows needs it, it would add it back. Like the IPC$ share.

    And, just so you know, Windows does not add these accounts back. The support accounts (used for remote desktop purposes) have been deleted since I first installed XP, and they have not returned.
  8. Rigsta

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    My bad. I misread the post.