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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kingpinner, Feb 3, 2003.

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    ok, just today I flashed updated my bios (because updating it was supposed to make 4x AGP work ) and I belive I updated without hiccups, but then when i went to play games things were wrong, IE in Tiger Woods 2003, firslt the EA intro and the video footage of golfers looked pisxilated kind off, not sharp and smooth like before.. and then ingame, in the graphics options, most of the detail options now wernt available to use.. these were, Aninamted galleries, Rain, clouds, Shadows.. the ones that were available was Water reflections and golfer detail... also now UT 2003 runs for bout 20 seconds then crashes.

    Things I have tried .. diferent video drivers, all the way from 20.82 - 42.86, changing BIOS settings -- using the fail safe defauls and optimized defualts.(is there an options you guys know of that would fix my prob.. cuz im no expert on bios settings..). changed between the 2 latest bios's, reinstalled DX 9 .. *just note, the tests were sucessful in DX.. switched between 2x and 4x agp (though it still seems 4x agp doesnt work.. most things just will freeze and force me to retart.. same as before i updated bios)

    OK, now my system
    Thunberbird 1200 cpu
    512 sd Ram
    Leadtek geforce 4 4200 128mb
    ABIT KT7A version 1.3 i belive mother board
    DX 9
    Windows XP pro
    Cureently using Bios version KT7s9r downloaded from www.abit.com.tw
    (*note System was working fine before I flash updated.. if that helps.. so i really think its one of the bios settings ? and i flashed cuz i really really wanted 4x agp to work but :( )

    I dont know what else to tell u guys.. i just really really hope some of u have come across this problem before and know howto fix it, id really really much apreciate it.
  2. Kingpinner

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    ive also tried the latest via drivers
  3. Burpster

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    just out of curiosity is your display set for 32bit color??
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  5. Taurus

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    what happened when you tried your old bios version? still had problems?
  6. Isamu966

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    Well since you flashed your bios it might have set everything back to default, so you might have to reconfigure your videocard in the bio to set the agp #X, fast write(if applicable), etc...
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    You may want to try physically unistalling the video card, then reinstalling to get windows to recognize the 4x settings.
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    I noticed on Abit's website there are different BIOS flashes for both the KT7A and the KT7A v1.3. Is it possible you have the wrong version of your mobo, therefore the wrong BIOS flash?