Hheellpp I Think My Pc Died!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by scizzors, Apr 6, 2003.

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    I Have a pentium 2 350 with a 20gb seagate hard drive, 128mb of ram and a geforce2 vid card on a msi ms-6119 motherboard. I turned it on this morning and it booted ok once. then it restarted. after that i got this message from the bios about a read write error and to press ctrl+alt+del to restart. after a couple of reboots the cpu temp shot up to 45 (normally sits on about 28 - 30). i tried using the windows 2000 recovery console to access the drive and it doesnt acknowledge any installation of windows 2000. i really just want the data of the drive so i can back it up and put it elsewhere.

    thanx, any help will be appreciated

    also when i manage to get into anything resembling an o/s the hard drive cuts in and out. am i only looking at hard disk failure or total pc screwup?
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    Okay - a few points about this....

    First you say that you get a message fromthe BIOS about a Read/Write error - This depending on how you interpret what you say could mean one of the following:-

    1) Your BIOS is corrupted, in which case all you need to do is to go into the BIOS screen, reset the values to their default, and then save the settings. But i doubt this is the problem because you can get into the Windows 2000 Recovery console which would require that the BIOS has been passed OK.

    or, More likely,

    2) Its not the BIOS screen you are seeing reporting the read/write error at all but just that the Hard Disk cannot be read when it tries to load windows, in which case something may have happened to the disk itself, i.e it could have failed, but this is unlikely. Much more likely is that something happened when your computer reset and some data on the boot portion of the disk became corrupted. To fix this MAY require a reformat - but i would definately try to get CHKDSK running first, i belive that you can do this by booting into the recovery console and then trying the CHKDSK command. This will then check your disk for errors. I have had the same thing happen myself and i though i had lost all my data, CHKDSK sorted it. If this fails then i would suggest the Format option or the Repair option when installing Windows 2000. If THAT fails then the disk itself may be screwed, this could explain the Hard-Disk "cutting in and out" but this could just be the sound of the hard disk heads attepmting to read a corrupted area of the disk.

    You also mention that the CPU temperatures have jumped. Check that your heatsink hasnt popped off the CPU, or that the Fan which sits on top of it is still spinning. This will definately cause a number of issues and make your system very unhappy.

    Hope this helps.
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    the cutting in and out sound may also be the HDD loosing power try changing the 4 pin power connecter going to the back of the drive with another one.
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    What about sticking it into another comp as a slave then backing it up from there. the just format it
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    Turned out to be a faulty drive. I was in need of a new system anyways, so i lashed out and bought a newie :D thanx for the help guys!