Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by dynamite, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. dynamite

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    I have problems with my video card, I have a 550 mhz pentium 3, with a ATI RAGE 128 PRO, and 320mb of RAM.....For some reason everything seems to be dark especially movies or games, the color isn't good anymore? its dark....I've tried to get the latest driver and even tried uninstalling the current to put a new one, but no luck, can anyone help??

    Can anyone tell me where i can get a full version of a working of "Genuine Fractals" for photoshop, thx! if you know plz private msg me.....
  2. allan

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    Have you ruled out monitor problems?
  3. dynamite

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    such as?

    I don't think its the monitor, it seems to be fine on my other computer, i'm not sure.....its just darker
  4. dynamite

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    i'm using win xp pro, i'm not sure where that is, can you help me out? thx
  5. DarkSiege

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    Right-click anywhere in your desktop...properties...settings...advanced...it should be there
    But I think that it's your monitor's problem