hey moderators! have an idea!

Discussion in 'Site Problems & Feedback' started by ikester7579, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. ikester7579

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    Some threads cause people to argue. So I came up with this idea.
    Why not have a sound off section? It's where people can get their point or fustrations out as long as it goes within the guidelines.
    But one thing different. In this section you cannot reply! You can only read. So how can an arguement start when it's already stopped?
    Maybe beta test it lol. See how it works. Or if it causes more problems you can always delete it. Who knows it might work.

    Or better yet have it as a selection at the bottom of new thread options on whether to allow replies or not.
  2. Electronic Punk

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    Hmm, I would prefer if it was done during PMs, or not at all really :S
  3. Jewelzz

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    Can't reply but you can start a new thread to argue the point?!?!
  4. surge

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    its better kept the way it is, "if it isent broke then dont try and fix it" :p
    anyway the mods do a good job of keeping this place in order
    keep up the good work guys and gals ;)
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    And if you can't have a go at them there........wait till they post somewhere else & then hit them. :eek: Hmmmm not a bad idea. :eek:
  6. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Guest

    Guess there will always be a negative side to everything. Someone will probably do what they will. But if 50% of this is stopped would not that be an worth while cause. Then the real trouble makers could be singled out for starting a thread to argue that subject somewhere else.:D
    The ones I see saying it won't work are the ones that go to my threads and start something and get it closed.

    Besides I don't see anyone coming up with any better ideas!
    When I mention making some rules about something to stop the flaming everybody had a cow (a big one at that). And got the thread closed. So I came up with one that has no restrictions except the reply part.

    I actually think someones afraid it will work. :eek:

    And now I can already see it. Someone's going to start flaming this one to get it closed too.:mad:
    Common yall, show your true colors:p
    And the flamings shall begin.:rolleyes:
  7. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

  8. gonaads

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    I brought the hot dogs and burgers...
    What no flames?! Damn, I thought this was a Bar B Q. Sheeesh :rolleyes: I'm taken my food and brewskies home. Man... False advertizing. :p :p
  9. gonaads

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    Oh yeah,
    On a serious note. Venting frustrations and such, there IS a place for that. It's called THERAPY. :p :p

    The only prob with the idea, I think, is that you'ld have to set up a section, like the "General Chatter or "Fun Stuff" section. Then you'ld have a gazillion "One Liner" threads, with no responses. Talk about a pain in the @$$ trying to sift through that mess. Some of it might make for interesting reading though. Buuuut???
  10. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Guest

    yep just could not resist could ya. :p
    actually this kinda funny.
    Bait the hook and look who bites.;)
  11. gonaads

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    What, You think I don't know what your trying to do? Heh heh, their are a few people on this forum that always try to post certain topics to illicit certain responces. I always respond, but I curtail what I write just to see how far it goes. The instigating person will have to respond also, sooner or later. Then it gets interesting as to the underlying reasons for their post and what type of responces they are trying get. Their wording is the telltail sign to their intent. But usually in their followup responces. :D
  12. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Guest

    yep I totally agree.;)