Helpsvr.exe lockups

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by LeeJend, Apr 14, 2006.

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    Has anyone else had problems with helpsrv.exe taking over their PC since the Tuesday MS security update?

    Since I patched Tuesday, helpsrv.exe is starting up all by itself and using 100% of my CPU. The machine is frozen for several minutes until it stops.

    I've seen the MS problem report links and blogs on it and according to MS the latest SP fixes it. The problem has been documented for at least 8 months but is new to my computer. I first noticed it when I came back after an hour of inactivity.

    There was a hotfix issued last fall but it's on the "call and pay" service only.

    It took 5 minutes for help service to stop thrashing and release the CPU.
    -HD activity was high,
    -CPU usage was at 100%.
    -There was no internet activity.
    -No other computers on the LAN were powered.
    -I have a hardwire only network.
    -My PC has all of the latest updates to AV (AVG), windows (XP Pro) and spyware (adaware and spybot) installed.
    -Full scans were run on the PC with no hits.
    -No new software installed since the problem surfaced.

    For now I have switched help service to manual from automatic which was one of the suggestions in the blog. I'll update if that solves it.
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    yep !!
    I just noticed that after waiting a long time for the screen saver to exit, I got fed up and went to the task manager and voila ! helpsrv.exe was at 95%

    What's up with that ??

  3. metafizx

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    I should've mentioned I ran all the spyware, trojan and virus scans I could get my hands on...nothing came up.

    I am also on SP1 and I havent been putting in the MS security updates recently either. so don't think I can blame that.

    :disappointed: :ermm:
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    Fix is available from MS - but you would have to call to obtain it.

    As Leejend already stated, you can turn off or set the service to manual which should fix it.

    Leejend - this hotfix can be obtained for free, there is no charge for calling and obtaining hotfixes if you give them the KB article. They just don't support any impact the hotfix may have on your system without charging you for it. I have called a few times for similar hotfixes, it's a quick process. All you have to do is tell them you need hotfix KBXXXXXX and they send you a download link, or it in the e-mail directly (depending on the file size). The file will be password protected, but the password will be in the e-mail.;en-us;839017