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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Franky, May 21, 2002.

  1. Franky

    Franky Guest

    I don't have mutch time my computer is going to chrash any minute now !!

    pfff I was doing nothing on my pc when it freezed up no program's running nothing :(

    I rebooted and it say to reinstlall windows because ntoskrnl.exe was damaged so I rebooted and th pc ran fine for a few minutes untill it frozed up again :(

    I rebooted again and it froze during the startup (where I get to chose the user (there's only 1 user ME ) I rebooted again and started in safe mode wanthed to ran norton but windows was shut down due to security reason's with the error kernell-data-inpage-error the rest was chibrich only win32k.sys was on the bottom

    is this a virus ? it's actually running good now but for how long ?

  2. dijital

    dijital Guest

    have you done anything irregular to your computer recently? like change the bootup screen? i know for fact that when you modify your bootup screen, you are changing the ntoskrnl.exe.

    are you able to boot up and do a system restore?
  3. Franky

    Franky Guest


    I was planning to but did'nt do it yet I changed my style and my logonscreen don't know if that's the problem because I changed it sunday and ran stabel untill now but i've been lokking and found some weird files

    1) p_981116.exe was in my startup in msnconfig (it wasn't there before !!) cit has the promt to do c:/windows/p_981116.exe/Q:A

    2) qtask have no ideay where it's from?

    and a 3th but I don't remember the name :s

    greetz Franky

    (btw it seems to be working now)
  4. Franky

    Franky Guest

    btw I tried system restore but it freezed up after it's done :s

    ooh and wath does non active systemprocesses meen ? they take up as mutch as 50 to 0 % of my memory
  5. dijital

    dijital Guest

    well changing the login screen shouldnt cause that program.

    that exe file, i have no idea what it does. so it'd be a smart thing to run a virus scan on it. delete it if its not a critical file.
  6. Jz1397

    Jz1397 Guest

    Have you tried to boot with the Last Know Good Config under safe mode?
  7. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    p_981116.exe is DXM6Patch_981116. It is Win32 cabinet self extractor. Not required.
  8. Franky

    Franky Guest

    oke tnx for alle the help

    It's running smooth for now only the internet sharing wouln'd work anymore but got arround fixing it by unsharing it and sharing it again (had to reboot because it din't wanted to share it again the first time) I'm going to do a format dis weekend bacause I don't trust it anymore haven't had this problems not even with Me (with ran verry stabel on my system)

    Tnx for everything