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    Hey everyone,

    I installed a corporate edition of Norton Anti-Virus. Well, I road tested it, and realized that I really didn't like how it was running, and moreso how it was a mammoth resource hog. Well, I tried to uninstall it, and it WILL NOT uninstall. It starts to, then locks up. I am using XP Pro. Is there any program out there I could get that would take this off? I have tried to remove it, and change it thru "Add Remove Programs". I went to use the uninstall utility that came with it, but there is no listing of it in my start menu, or in my program files on the hard drive. There doesn't seem to be a listing of it anywhere on my computer, but when I try to install a regular version of NAV, it won't install the anti-virus because there is a "suspended installation of Norton Corporate edition in the processes".

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    sounds like something went sideways on you.. delete the folder for the program and then use a program like RegCleaner to remove registry entries for the prog..
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    If you search the Symantec site you will find a little tool that helps remove stubborn Norton and Symantec products.. That might be of help to you. It is called "Symantec Application Clean Up"
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    there is a removal tool that specifically looks for the files and deletes them seperately..hang on ill have too find where it is